André Grandier is a supporting protagonist of The Rose of Versailles. Along with Oscar, he makes a cameo appearance in episode 101 of the Red Jacket series, Versailles Burned with Love.


The Rose of Versailles

In The Rose of Versailles, André Grandier is the friend of Oscar François de Jarjayes and the grandson of her nanny. André and Oscar learned the arts of fencing and horsemanship together when they were children. As they grew up, Oscar became the Dauphine's guard and the class gap between them widened.

André is secretly in love with Oscar, but he never tells her until both of them decide to help the insurgents when the French Revolution begins. Oscar initially refuses him and asks him to leave her but he stubbornly remains by her side until later on she admits to loving him back. Later in the series, André loses sight in his left eye in order to save Oscar who had been captured by the Black Knight; his condition slowly worsens until he is completely blind. André is a very sensitive and passionate man, suffering for his unrequited love for Oscar but being unable to quench his desire for her and vocally siding with the commoners in their plight. Sadly André dies from a stray bullet the day after Oscar's declaration of love, able to share only one night of passion with the woman he lived for.

Versailles Burned with Love


Human Man

Stone Statue


  • Despite André having dark hair in the original anime, he appears with golden blonde hair in Versailles Burned With Love.

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