Beauty was an ICPO inspector sent by the bureau to dispatch Lupin once and for all after growing tired of Zenigata's repeated failures. He appears as the primary antagonist of episode 66 of the Red Jacket series, Shooting Orders!!.

Assigned to kill

After years of waiting for Zenigata to bring in Lupin, The heads at INTERPOL finally grew restless and decided to cut their losses by eliminating Lupin once and for all. They assigned Inspector Beauty with the task of executing Lupin, as Beauty was an excellent marksman who rivaled even Jigen's skill with firearms. Beauty's weapon of choice was a state of the art, Colt Python .357 Magnum revolver that easily outmached both Lupin's Walther and Jigen's Smith & Wesson.

Zenigata was greatly opposed to Beauty killing Lupin, as he felt it was his duty alone to bring Lupin to justice. Beauty had somewhat of a reputation for being a sadist, opting to use hollow point bullets (ammunition designed to expand on impact, causing much more damage to a target and a a great deal of pain to live targets) on his victims, a forbidden practice among policemen. After nearly killing both Lupin and Jigen in a duel, Beauty finally met his end when Jigen shot him with a specially prepared explosive round which accidentally obliterated him to dust.