Clarisse de Gagliostro (クラリス・ド・カリオストロ Kurarisu do Kariosutoro) is the princess and current ruler of the European Grand Duchy of Gagliostro and a friend of Lupin III from the movie The Castle of Cagliostro.

Character description

Clarisse is a very beautiful young woman with short auburn hair, blue eyes and fair skin. She is kind, gentle and sweet, and while naive to the ways of the world, she shows surprising strength of character and courage in the defense of all she holds dear.

Since the death of her parents, Clarisse had virtually no one to trust, especially when Count Lazare assumed guardianship over her and made preparations to marry her in order to get his hands on the Duchy's secret treasure. When Lupin III selflessly saved her life, she fell deeply in love with him, and is one of the few women after Fujiko who would truly move his heart.


Clarisse Lupin Cagliostro first

Clarisse and Lupin's first encounter

Clarisse is the only child of the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Gagliostro, the tiny country's ruling family. When Clarisse was still little, she encountered Lupin III, who had just started his thieving career at that time, after he had unsuccessfully attempted to find the source of the legendary Goat counterfeit currency in the royal castle. Wounded by a flight of arrows, Lupin came to rest in the nearby Grand Duchal palace gardens, where he was found by Clarisse and her pet dog Karl the following morning. Instead of alerting anyone to his presence, she returned to him with a glass of water, which helped him recuperate. He left at an unspecified time later, and in the ten years that followed, he had nearly forgotten all about Clarisse as he set his mind on other treasures all around the world.

Three years after her encounter with Lupin, Clarisse lost both her parents in a fire which destroyed the Grand Duchal palace. She was sent to a convent for her upbringing, and returned when she was of age. The country's regent and her distant relation, Count Lazare de Cagliostro, immediately prepared for her wedding to him, but she was repulsed by his cruel and greedy personality and fled his presence during the try-on of her bridal gown. During the wild car chase that ensued, Clarisse ran into Lupin and his companion Jigen, who had just arrived in Gagliostro to find the source of the Goat Money once again. Lupin and Jigen saved Clarisse from a fatal crash, but she was recaptured shortly after, leaving her signet ring with Lupin.

Lupin Cagliostro end

Lupin saying his chaste farewell to Clarisse

As it turned out, the signet ring was - along with the Count's own ring - the key to the legendary lost treasure of Gagliostro, after which the Count was lusting and which was the only reason for which he wanted to take Clarisse as his wife. Upon beholding the ring and its characteristic crest, Lupin remembered his common past with Clarisse, and while he did his best to uncover the secret of the Goat bills and expose the Count's evil plans, he primarily acted to save Clarisse from Lazare's clutches. Asissted by Jigen, Goemon, Fujiko (who was also searching for the counterfeit source for her own gain) and a (for once) fully cooperative Zenigata, Lupin and Clarisse thwarted the Count, repeatedly saving each other's lives in the process. After the lost treasure was found and the Count's counterfeit operation revealed to the world, Clarisse asked Lupin to let her remain with him, even declaring that she was willing to become a thief like him. Though having grown quite fond of her, Lupin gently rejected her offer, unwilling to drag her into his chaotic shadow world. However, before he parted from her, he promised her his help, should she ever need it again.

In other media

  • Clarisse PandoraNES end

    Clarisse expressing her gladness at seeing Lupin again (Legacy of Pandora)

    Clarisse returns in the NES action video game Lupin III: Legacy of Pandora. She has apparently been kidnapped once more, and Lupin and his gang race to the rescue from Cagliostro down to Egypt, where they encounter both Clarisse and Fujiko. It turns out that Fujiko was using Lupin to get her hands on yet another fabulous treasure, while Clarisse had fully cooperated with her for the chance to meet Lupin once again.
  • Clarisse is the subject of one chapter on the 1992 soundtrack/audio talk CD Lupin III Talks Lupin III (ルパン三世 ルパン・トーク・ルパン; Lupin sansei Rupan to-ku Rupan). In that chapter, titled "Reunion with Clarisse", Yasuo Yamada (Lupin's original voice actor) talks about Lupin encountering Clarissa once again.
  • Clarisse is also featured in the 1997 interactive movie game Lupin III The Castle of Cagliostro : Reunion for the Playstation platform.
  • Clarisse makes a cameo appearance (with her face obscured) in the first episode of the 2018 anime series, in a video clip featuring her rescue from her involuntary wedding in Castle of Cagliostro.

Voice actors 

  • Japanese dub: Sumi Shimamoto
  • Italian dubs: Giovanna Fregonese (The Castle of CagliostroFirst dubbing), Giulia Franzoso (The Castle of Cagliostro, Second dubbing), Benedetta Ponticelli (The Castle of Cagliostrothird dubbing) [1]
  • English dubs: Joan-Carol O'Connell (Streamline Pictures, 1991), Ruby Marlowe (Manga Entertainment, 2000) [2]
  • French dubs: Céline Monsarrat (The Castle of CagliostroFirst dubbing 1982 ), Léa Gabrielle (The Castle of Cagliostro, Second dubbing, 1996 ), Agnès Gribe (The Castle of Cagliostrothird dubbing, 2005) [3]


  • Clarisse's Japanese voice was spoken by Sumi Shinamoto. English voice was spoken by Jodi Benson. Shinamoto would, once again under Hayao Miyazaki, reprise the role as the prime female protagonist (Maki Oyamada) in "Farewell My Beloved Lupin".
  • Following the movie's release and subsequent rise to fame, Clarisse was voted the most popular anime heroine until she was surpassed by Nausicaä from the Hayao Miyazaki film Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.





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