"'Lupin III's Greatest Capers'" is a compilation tape of two English-dubbed Red Jacket episodes, that was released by Streamline Pictures, circa 1995. Both episodes had been previously released as separate volumes in Streamline's "Anime Classics" library. These two episodes were considered to be very popular in Japan, due to the director being none other than Hayao Miyazaki, who had been using the pen-name: Teruki Tsutomu, at the time. Banking on the early success of the now renown filmmaker, the art design is distinctive of Miyazaki's style and the animation is of the finest quality to be found in the entire Red Jacket Series. These episodes were among the first Lupin animated projects to be released to western audiences, along with Mystery of Mamo , Castle of Cagliostro , Legend of The Gold of Babylon , and Plot of The Fuma Clan .

The episodes included were:

  • Albatross: Wings of Death (episode 145) [original title: Shi no tsubasa Arubatorosu, literal translation: Albatross, the wings of Death. Also called Wings of Death - Albatross ]
  • Aloha, Lupin (episode 155) [original title: Saraba itoshiki Rupan yo, literal translation: Farewell My Beloved Lupin ]

Dub and alterations

The dub is notable for being one of the first ever English-language Lupin dubs and contains the talents of several well known voice actors. Due to legal constraints, Lupin's name is widely mispronounced as /ˈluː.pɪn/, as opposed to the customary pronunciation of /ˈluː.pən/. In addition, Lupin is also constantly referred to by the alias of Wolf, most likely to avert prolonged mispronunciation of the character's name.

While the episodes themselves were left relatively unchanged from the original source, several modifications were made to the opening and ending sequences. During the opening credits montage, an effort was made to remove any trace of the original Japanese lettering. All of the actor and crew credits are omitted and a new title card which reads "Lupin the Third: Tales of the Wolf", is superimposed over the old title card. Oddly though, a screenshot from Fujiko Doesn't Look Good in a Bridal Gown is inexplicably placed over the sequence where a cutout of the word LUPIN zooms foward to reveal a profile shot of the gang cruising in Lupin's Benz. During the final shot of the opening, credit is given to Monkey Punch in English lettering, naming him as the creator of the original comics.

The original ending credits sequence of the episodes, which pertained to season four, were replaced with the ending sequence of season 3. The music, which was originally Love Squall by Sandy Ohn, was relpaced with an istrumental rendition and the sequence itself was slightly altered to fit the timing of the new audio track.


  • Jigen states that two things he hates are garlic and radiation burns

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