Walther P38 - In Memory of the Walther P38 (ワルサーP38~In Gedenken an die Walther P38~), also known as Island of Assassins in English, is the ninth Lupin III television special. It originally aired on August 1, 1997.


Lupin investigates the news of a fake version of one of his trademark calling cards during a high-class party. A group of assassins, the Tarantula, crash the party and murder the host. Zenigata, investigating the card, chases Lupin but ends up shot and injured by a silver Walther P38. Lupin, catching a glimpse of the familiar gun, is determined to avenge not only Zenigata, but an episode of his past.

Lupin and Fujiko infiltrate the island by joining Tarantula, while Jigen and Goemon hide in the underground. Lupin also befriends Elen, an assassin who is disillusioned with Tarantula following the death of her younger brother who was also with the organization. Prevented from leaving by an ingenious poison and also interested in Tarantula's large stock of gold, Lupin and his gang work to bring down the assassins and find the bearer of the silver Walther.  

Voice cast

Original Japanese cast:

  • Kanichi Kurita as Lupin III
  • Kiyoshi Kobayashi as Daisuke Jigen
  • Makio Inoue as Goemon Ishikawa XIII
  • Eiko Masuyama as Fujiko Mine
  • Gorō Naya as Inspector Zenigata
  • Emi Shinohara as Elen
  • Masane Tsukayama as Doc

English cast:

  • Sonny Strait as Lupin III
  • Christopher R. Sabat as Daisuke Jigen
  • Mike McFarland as Goemon Ishikawa XIII
  • Meredith McCoy as Fujiko Mine
  • Phillip Wilburn as Inspector Zenigata
  • Caitlin Glass as Elen
  • Kent Williams as Doc