In response to a notice from Lupin stating that he will take the money from every bank in Paris, Melon, a female detective and the granddaughter of Inspector Ganimard, rival of the original Arsène Lupin, is selected to replace Zenigata.


  • It is strongly implied that Detective Melon is simply Fujiko in disguise.
  • The name "Deka Melon" is a pun. "Deka" is a slang term for police detective in Japanese. Written another way, however, it is short for "dekai" which means large. "Melon" is a slang term for a woman's breasts. Thus, "Deka Melon" is a pun meaning "Big Tits," and "Onna Deka Melon" can be interpreted as "A Woman with Big Tits," or possibly "A Woman's Big Tits."
  • This episode marks the second appearance of Ganimard's descendents, after the appearance of Ganimard the 3rd in the first series. No mention is made of this previous encounter, however.

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