This is a list of television specials of the Lupin III franchise. In a tradition that began in 1989 with Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call!, every year since, with the exception of 2014, has featured a new 90 minute Lupin III anime television special that airs on NTV at 9:03 on Friday evening.

Manga Entertainment released the first special on VHS in the United Kingdom and Australia in 1996 as Goodbye Lady Liberty, using an English dub that they had created. Funimation Entertainment purchased the North American distribution rights to specials five through twelve in 2002, in a package that also included the two theatrical films Farewell to Nostradamus and Dead or Alive. They re-titled several of the animations for their release. North American distributor Discotek Media released Episode 0: First Contact in 2010, the first and second television specials in 2014, and the third and fourth in 2015. They also released the Lupin III vs. Detective Conan special and its theatrical film sequel on October 27, 2015.

No. Original Japanese title Director Original air date
1 Bye-Bye Liberty - Close Call!
2 The Mystery of the Hemingway Papers
3 Steal Napoleon's Dictionary!
4 From Russia With Love
5 Orders to Assassinate Lupin
6 Burn, Zantetsuken!
7 The Pursuit of Harimao's Treasure
8 The Secret of Twilight Gemini
9 Walther P38 (In Memory of the Walther P38)
10 Memories of the Flame: Tokyo Crisis
11 Da Capo of Love: Fujiko's Unlucky Days
12 $1 Money Wars
13 Alcatraz Connection Hideki Tonokatsu August 3, 2001
14 Episode 0: First Contact
15 Operation: Return the Treasure
16 Stolen Lupin - The Copy Cat is a Midsummer's Butterfly
17 An Angel's Tactics - Fragments of a Dream Are the Scent of Murder
18 Seven Days Rhapsody
19 Elusiveness of the Fog
20 Sweet Lost Night - Magic Lamp's Nightmare Premonition
21 Lupin III vs. Detective Conan March 27, 2009
22 The Last Job
23 Blood Seal - Eternal Mermaid
24 Record of Observations of the East - Another Page
25 Princess of the Breeze - Hidden City in the Sky Takaomi Kisaki November 1, 2013
26 Italian Game January 9, 2016