$1 Money Wars.357 Magnum0.2% Chance of Survival
A Bouquet of Bills Blossom in Rio's SunsetA Present for the PresidentA Trap for a Trap!
A Wolf Calls a WolfAlcatraz ConnectionAlex Nabikov
AndréArrest Lupin with HoroscopesArsène Lupin
BasetteBeautyBeware the Time Machine!
Black PantherBlood-Soaked TriangleBlood Seal - Eternal Mermaid
Can You Open the Ten-Year Vault?Catch the Phony Lupin!Characters
Chase the Gorilla GangChristmas Is in the Hands of the GoddessClarisse de Cagliostro
CorneliaCount CagliostroCynthia Craymov
Daisuke Jigen's GravestoneDiamonds Gleam in a Robot's EyeDirect Hit! Operation Dead Ball
Do Not Move the Mona LisaDo You Know Shakespeare?Doctor Zell
Don't Forget My EyesDying DayEmmanuelle Is an Angel's Whisper
Episode 0: First ContactFace the Midnight Sun and FireFantoma Mark III
Farewell My Beloved LupinFarewell My Beloved WitchFarewell to Nostradamus
Feast of FoolsFind Princess Kaguya's TreasureFire Treasure
Fujiko's Close Call Rescue OperationFujiko Doesn't Look Good in a Bridal GownFujiko Mine
Generalissimo HatlerGhost TownGo for the Oildollar
GoemonGoemon's Close CallGoemon's Revenge
Goemon, the PeerlessGreatest CapersGreen vs. Red
Hitler's LegacyHot Shot: This is FujikoHunt Down the Counterfeiter!
I'll Tell You How to Transport Gold BullionICPO Secret DirectiveI Can Hear Nessie's Song
In Memory of the Walther P38In Search of the Queen's Necklace!Inspector Zenigata
Iron LizardsIs Lupin Burning...?!Is the Leaning Tower of Pisa Standing
Italian GameJigenJigen and a Hat and a Pistol
Keep an Eye on the Beauty ContestKiller Sings the BluesKyoransky
Kyosuke MamoLady Detective MelonLady Oscar
Let's Catch Lupin and Go to EuropeList of television specialsLove Wreathed in Steam
Lt. OscarLupin's Day OffLupin's Enemy Is Lupin
Lupin's Gourmet HeavenLupin's Splendid FailureLupin, Whom I Loved - Part One
Lupin, Whom I Loved - Part TwoLupin Becomes a VampireLupin Caught in a Trap
Lupin Dies TwiceLupin Has Come with a TankLupin II
Lupin IIILupin III: Dead or AliveLupin III: World's Most Wanted
Lupin III (Manga)Lupin III Volume 1Lupin III Volume 10
Lupin III Volume 11Lupin III Volume 12Lupin III Volume 13
Lupin III Volume 14Lupin III Volume 2Lupin III Volume 3
Lupin III Volume 4Lupin III Volume 5Lupin III Volume 6
Lupin III Volume 7Lupin III Volume 8Lupin III Volume 9
Lupin III WikiLupin III vs. Detective ConanLupin III vs. Detective Conan: The Movie
Lupin Is Fond of ChanelLupin Up Against the WallLupin in multimedia
Lupin the 3rd: The ShootingLupin the 3rd: Treasure of the Sorcerer KingLupin the Third Part I
Lupin the Third Part IILupin the Third Part IIILupin the Third Part IV
Lupin vs. SupermanMaki OyamadaMamo
MangaMaster Thief VS Lady LooterMelon Cop
Memories of the Flame: Tokyo CrisisMister XMr. Flinch
MusicMusic and RevolutionMystery of the Hemingway Papers
NegataNew Wuthering HeightsNew York City, NY; USA
Non-Stop RendezvousNyxOVAs
One Chance to BreakoutOperation Infiltrate High School!Operation Jewel Snatch
Operation Mother Mary GetawayOscarOther Animes
Paris, FrancePiano Symphony ZooPilot Film
PoonPrincess of the BreezePrison of Love
Professor LonebachPumaPycal
Rainy Afternoons are BadRebecca RosselliniRequiem for the Assassins
Rescue the Tomboy!RikoSandbox
Search the House of Mystery WomenSecret Agent Lupin IIISexy Adventure
Shooting Orders!!Steal Everything of Lupin'sSteal File M123
Steal Napoleon's Dictionary!Strange Psychokinetic StrategySuper Hero
TV AnimeTelepathy is Love's SignalThe All-Together Playing-Card Operation
The Arrest Lupin Highway OperationThe Big Oildollar PlotThe Bills That Came from God
The Blood Spray of Ishikawa GoemonThe Border Is the Face of FarewellThe Castle of Cagliostro
The Combat Magnum Scattered in the WastelandThe Coming of Goemon the ThirteenthThe Coming of the Killer Iron Lizards
The Dashing Entrance of Lupin IIIThe Electroshock Pigeon OperationThe Emerald's Secret
The End of Lupin IIIThe Fake FantasistaThe First Move Wins Computer Operation!
The Flying ZantetsukenThe Gold Is Beckoning LupinThe Great Caribbean Adventure
The Great Detectives Take to the SkyThe Great Gold Showdown!The Great San Francisco Chase
The Great Thief Nezumi-Koozoo Makes His AppearanceThe Hexagon's Great LegacyThe Italian Dream (Part One)
The Italian Dream (Part Two)The Lady and the SamuraiThe Legend of The Gold of Babylon
The Lovesick PigThe Lupin Funeral MarchThe Mad Fantoma Mark III
The Magician's Left HandThe Magnificent Team-Play OperationThe Man They Called a Magician
The Marriage of Lupin IIIThe Mermaid That Disappeared in the Midnight SunThe Miami Bank Raid Anniversary
The Mystery of MamoThe Old Woman and Lupin Thievery ContestThe Plot of the Fuma Clan
The Return of PycalThe Rose and the PistolThe Sound of the Devil's Bells Calls Lupin
The Target Is 555 MetersThe Treasure of Mecca Wore a VeilThe Two Faces of Lupin
The Venice SuperexpressThe Wind Is Hot in MoroccoThe Woman Called Fujiko Mine
The Woman Called Fujiko Mine (Part One)The Woman Called Fujiko Mine (Part Two)Theatical Movies
Theme From Lupin IIITo Whom Does Orion's Crown Belong?Tutankhamen's 3000-Year Curse
Until the Full Moon PassesVenice of the DeadVersailles Burned with Love
Video GamesVissi d'arte, Vissi d'amoreVolume 1
Volume 2Volume 3Volume 4
Volume 5Volume 6Volume 7
Volume 8Volume 9Wager on the Monaco GP
Welcome to the Haunted Hotel!What Do You Think of Ukiyoe Blues?When the Devil Beckons to Lupin
When the Seventh Bridge FallsWhere Is the Cinderella StampWhich of the Third Generation Will Win!
Who Had the Last Laugh?Wings of Death - AlbatrossWitch of the Fourth Dimension
With a Gun in My HandWorld LocationsYou're a Cat, I'm a Dried Tuna
Zantetsuken's LamentZapping OperationZenigatarobo

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