"The Lovesick Pig" is the tenth episode of Blue Jacket. It aired in Italy on September 20, 2015, as the eleventh episode in the broadcast, under the title Nettare d'amore (Italian: Nectar of Love). It aired in Japan on December 3, 2015.


Fujiko and Rebecca invite Lupin to the same wine-tasting event, where a valuable aphrodisiac wine is being showcased.


  • Screenplay: Erika Yoshida
  • Storyboard: Masatsugu Arakawa
  • Production: Ryōsuke Senbo, Toshihiro Maeya
  • Animation direction: Yukari Kobayashi, Koji Yamakawa
  • Assistant animation direction: Keizo Shimizu, Sakurako Sagano, Asuka Kurokawa, Ippei Masui
  • Chief animation director: Teiichi Takaguchi


新TVシリーズ 「ルパン三世」 第10話予告

新TVシリーズ 「ルパン三世」 第10話予告

NTV trailer

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