Enrico Mortenegra, better known by the alias Puma, was one of the world's deadliest assasins. He appears as the primary antagonist of episode 32 of The Red Jacket Series, Lupin Dies Twice.

The Puma hunts The Wolf

Puma was a freelance assassin wanted for capital crimes in seventeen countries, who had an uncanny ability for anonymity. No known photographs or any other visual information about him existed, seeing as anybody who came face to face with the assassin wound up dead. He was known for operating mostly in Africa and Central and South America; in the 60's, he specialized in high-risk targets such as government officials, intelligence operatives, and drug lords. He had no known partners or affiliations, no standard modus operandi as he excelled in every murderous skill imaginable and each of his hits was a purposely unique and designed execution.


Puma's namesake.

Puma was eventually hired by a wealthy old man who had been conned out of gold by lupin in Vienna some years back; eager for revenge, the man ordered Puma to kill the thief. Puma headed to Miami where word eventually got out that Lupin had a target on his back. Despite the urges from his friends (and even Zenigata), Lupin chose to go up against Puma, face to face. After days of being harassed by the hit-man, Lupin finally challenged Puma to show his face out in the open. It was then that Puma rose from underneath the ground and shot Lupin in the chest, seemingly killing him.

This was all part of Lupin's plan however, into tricking Puma into letting his guard down. That night, Puma met with his employer on a yacht in the Biscayne Bay; there he collected his payment and murdered the old man. Puma was then shocked to see Lupin on the yacht, alive and well. After disarming Puma, Lupin threw a stick of dynamite into the cabin and narrowly escaped the boat as it blew to smithereens with Puma still inside.


  • Puma is based on real life assassin/terrorist: Carlos "The Jackal" Sánchez. Both share numerous similar traits such as Latin American roots, being international fugitives, taking aim at intelligence operatives, and possessing epithets based on wild predators.
  • Puma's real name was originally unknown in the Japanese dub, but the English dub identified him as Enrico Mortenegra.
  • His surname is a combination of Portuguese and Spanish words which translate out to mean Black Death.

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