Lupin and Jigen hear of an amazing treasure in a remote area, and go after it. Upon saving a woman being attacked by ruffians, the place she leads them to, by way of thanks, is a paradise on earth, with good-looking women everywhere. Lupin accepts the thanks, completely forgetting about the treasure. The fact is, this mansion full of women is for the purpose of seducing men, and then exposing them to an aging gas. Zenigata falls for the same trick as well, and he ends up inside the mansion alongside Lupin. Jigen gives up on trying to get Lupin's mind back on the treasure and leaves, but then realizes the secret of the mansion and enlists Goemon's help in saving Lupin. Meanwhile, Fujiko, who is also after the treasure of the mansion, ends up trapped inside, as well.


  • The plot of the episode is based off of chapter 4 of "Lupin III: World's Most Wanted".
  • In turn, the plot of the manga is loosely based on the Japanese folk tale of Urushima Taro. In short: Urushima Taro, a fisherman, saves a turtle from being killed. The turtle takes him off to an undersea palace where he is feasted and entertained until he has had his fill. When he leaves, he is given an ornate box and a warning to never open it. He returns home to discover that decades have passed, yet he hasn't aged. Finally, curiosity is too much for Urushima Taro, who opens the box, to find that it contains his old age.

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