It seems that the exercise craze has recently affected everyone, that is everyone except the elderly millionaire, Mister Steel. Even for the wealthiest of men, the greatest wish in life is to once again acquire a youthful body and Steel has chosen Lupin's as the designated body for his brain transplant. After being lured by Fujiko, Lupin is brought to Steel's mansion, where the brain transplant takes place successfully. Now Steel is roaming around in a strapping young body and ready to have his way with Fujiko, while Lupin is trapped in a geriatric shell. How will the brain scuffle resolve itself?



  • This episode is notable for being one of the rare instances where Lupin and Fujiko are portrayed as being utterly despicable, cruel, and void of any redeemable character traits whatsoever.
  • The design of The Doctor is essentially a shaven version of Jigen's character model, with a few other cosmetic alterations.
  • The blonde pin-up on Lupin's closet door bears a strong resemblance to Vivian from the previous episode, You're a Cat, I'm a Dried Tuna. Seeing as Vivian had ascended into stardom at the end of that episode, it's plausible that the model on the poster could in-fact be her.

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