"The Border Is the Face of Farewell" is the fifty-eighth episode of the Red Jacket series, or the seventh episode of its third season. It aired on November 13, 1978. The story is centered on Jigen and is one of very few moments in the franchise he is depicted acting independently of Lupin.


The target is the Aurora Drop, a diamond adorning a ballerina's forehead. A special remote-control operation nets the diamond easily enough, but a wounded Jigen is rescued by said ballerina, Monika, and ends up helping her put her desire to defect into action. With fake passports declaring them husband and wife, the two of them head for the border. The only way to escape the Communist Bloc is to smash through the checkpoint.



  • Monika is played by the renowned Ikeda Masako, perhaps best known for her portrayal of Maetel, the mysterious heroine of Galaxy Express 999.
  • The story also includes an homage to the 1949 film: The Third Man.