"The Fake Fantasista" is the second episode of the Blue Jacket series. It aired in Italy on August 30, 2015 and in Japan on October 8, 2015.


The star player of the San Marino national football team, Mauro Brozzi, is being blackmailed by entrepreneur-mafioso Riccardo Mondini with medical records containing evidence of doping. With Fujiko's help, Brozzi reaches out to Lupin and ask him to steal the medical records from Mondini, so that he will not be disqualified from the championship final.


Mauro Brozzi (Voice: Fuminori Komatsu)

The star of the San Marino football team, nicknamed "San Marino's national treasure" by his fans.

Riccardo Mondini (Voice: Takaya Hashi)

Ostensibly the CEO of a jewellery company, but also famous in the San Marino criminal underworld.


  • Screenplay: Tomohiro Suzuki
  • Storyboard: Hiro Kaburagi
  • Production: Takuma Hirabayashi
  • Animation Director: Hatsuki Tsuji, Hirotaka Nii
  • Chief Animation Director: Teiichi Takiguchi


新TVシリーズ 「ルパン三世」 第2話予告

新TVシリーズ 「ルパン三世」 第2話予告

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