Lupin's target this time around is eccentric musician Kyoransky's diamond-studded conducting baton. But Kyoransky's fully aware of Lupin's intentions and has a deadly trick up his sleeve: whomever hears Kyoransky's music sets out to attack Lupin in a violent rage. Can Lupin solve the mystery of Kyoransky's musical spell before he's torn to shreds by his own friends?



  • Due to dissolution of Geneon's North American branch, this is the last episode that was ever officially released outside of Japan. Voice actor Richard Epcar claimed that "over a hundred episodes" were dubbed into English, but none of these supposed episodes were ever aired or released on home video. The fate and overall existence of Pioneer's remaining dubbed episodes remains uncertain, seeing as many other licensed anime titles that were also in mid-release when Geneon ceased operations were left in limbo.

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