"The Man They Called a Magician" is the second episode of the Green Jacket series. It originally aired on October 31, 1971.


Fujiko has stolen pieces of film from Pycal, a man who is claimed to be a magician due to his ability to shoot fire from his fingertips, stand and walk in midair, and the fact he's unaffected by gunshots. He storms into Lupin's house demanding Fujiko for what she stole from him. Lupin and Jigen try shooting at him with numerous weapons from their handguns to a bazooka with little effect.

Lupin eventually figures out how Pycal is able to shoot flames and stand in air, which were supposedly done with a concealed flamethrower and suspended glass panes. When Lupin & Jigen found the film and projected it, they couldn't figure out what it was for until Lupin had an epiphany that it was a chemical formula. Lupin then takes on Pycal with a chemical that repels fire, and defeats Pycal while burning the film of the formula during the confrontation.

While it could be implied that Pycal died from burning and falling down a waterfall, he still seeks revenge in the 2002 OVA "Return of the Magician".