"The Marriage of Lupin III" is the first episode of the 2015 Blue Jacket series. It aired on August 30, 2015 on the Italia 1 channel in Italy, October 1, 2015 on the NTV channel in Japan, and on June 17, 2017 on Adult Swim's Toonami programming block in the United States. The episode introduces the character of Rebecca Rossellini, a young heiress and businesswoman from the Republic of San Marino.


Zenigata receives an invitation to Lupin's wedding.


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After receiving a mysterious invitation, Inspector Zenigata arrives in San Marino for Lupin's wedding to Rebecca Rossellini, a wealthy heiress and businesswoman. It's soon revealed that the marriage is a sham, and that Lupin plans to steal the Royal Crown of Liberty, a rare artifact given to women to wear on the day after their wedding. Zenigata unravels the plan after someone claiming to be Lupin sends him a message, and begins chasing the criminals. As this is happening, Fujiko attempts to steal the Crown by tying up and gagging a local administrator and stealing his identity. She is captured in the ensuing chase, and Lupin is forced to surrender the Crown in exchange for her release. Someone disguised as the local police captain then leaves with the Crown, but is cornered by Lupin. After removing their disguise, it is revealed that the mastermind behind the entire plot was Rebecca, and that she deliberately manipulated Lupin to serve as a distraction while she stole the Crown herself. She manages to escape with the artifact, while Lupin remarks that he should have made her sign divorce papers before she left.