In Morocco, Lupin is attracted to a beautiful girl. Suddenly, he finds himself kidnapped and stuffed in a bag and taken to a desert encampment where he is forcibly conscripted into the people's army. However, what should come spilling out of the bag next to his? None other than good old Pops! Despite their protests, the two of them are shackled together by the neck, and their escape takes a twisted path.


  • This episode is notable for being among the first episodes to be animated by Yuzo Aoki. Mr. Aoki would later go on to animate the opening sequence of the fourth season, as well  as the second opening sequence of the Pink Jacket series, and eventually the feature film: The Legend of The Gold of Babylon.
  • Mr. Aoki was also a key animator on an OVA titled Alice, an extremely bizarre psycho-sexual film based on a one-shot manga by Monkey Punch.
  • This episode shares some similarities with Detective Takagi On the Run in Handcuffs, the 791st episode of the anime series Detective Conan, where Detective Takagi and the suspect running in handcuffs.

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