Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine (LUPIN the Third -峰不二子という女- Rupan za Saado Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna) is a 2012 Japanese anime series based on Monkey Punch's Lupin III manga. Produced by TMS Entertainment and directed by Sayo Yamamoto, it aired on NTV from April 4, 2012 to June 27, 2012. It focuses on the franchise's heroine, Fujiko Mine, as she undergoes various missions and encounters the rest of the Lupin III cast for the first time. It is the only installment in the franchise to be directed by a woman and the first in which Lupin is not the main character.


No. Title Original airdate
1 "Master Thief VS Lady Looter"

「大泥棒VS女怪盗」(Dai Dorobo VS Onna Kaito)

April 4, 2012
2 ".357 Magnum"

「.357マグナム」(.357 Magunamu)

April 11, 2012
3 "The Lady and the Samurai"

「淑女とサムライ」(Shukujo to Samurai)

April 18, 2012
4 "Vissi d'arte, Vissi d'amore"

「歌に生き、恋に生き」(Uta ni Iki, Koi ni Iki)

April 25, 2012
5 "Blood-Soaked Triangle"

「血濡れた三角」(Chi Nureta Sankaku)

May 2, 2012
6 "Prison of Love"

「愛の牢獄」(Ai no Rōgoku)

May 9, 2012
7 "Music and Revolution"

「音楽と革命」(Ongaku to Kakumei)

May 16, 2012
8 "Dying Day"


May 23, 2012
9 "Love Wreathed in Steam"

「湯けむり慕情」(Yukemuri Bōjo)

May 30, 2012
10 "Ghost Town"

「死んだ街」(Shinda Machi)

June 6, 2012
11 "Feast of Fools"

「愚か者の祭」(Orokamono no Matsuri)

June 13, 2012
12 "The Woman Called Fujiko Mine – Part One"

「峰不二子という女(前篇)」(Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna – Zenpen)

June 20, 2012
13 "The Woman Called Fujiko Mine – Part Two"

「峰不二子という女(後篇)」(Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna – Kōhen)

June 27, 2012