"Theme From Lupin III" (「ルパン三世のテーマ」Rupan Sansei no Tēmu) is a song composed by Yuji Ohno (大野雄二 Ōno Yūji). It is the primary theme of the Lupin III franchise, as well as one of the most recognizable pieces of anime music ever written. Since its first use in 1977 as the first opening of Red Jacket, countless arrangements have been recorded and released under a plethora of titles.


Structurally, the song can roughly be described as two iterations of a modified "AABA" or thirty-two-bar form. The general strucutre of the song is illustrated as follows, where A, A', A'' and B each represent an 8-bar phrase, and the the phrases A, A', and A'' are variations on the same melody:

Intro 1 A A' B A'' Outro 1 Interlude Intro 2 A A' B A'' Outro 2

Depending on the particular arrangement, the length of the intros and outros vary. Also, some arrangements insert a brief 1-2 bar bridge in between the second and third phrase of each four-phrase part.

The original 1977 version of the song and the majority of instrumental arrangements are in G minor, though arrangements in other keys exist. Notably, the 1977 vocal version in the second opening of Red Jacket, is in F minor.


Vocal versions of "Lupin the Third Theme"

  1. 1977 - Lupin the Third Theme / Pete Mac Jr.
  2. 2001 - LUPIN THE THIRD / akiko
  3. 2003 - Lupin the Third Theme / Ichiro Mizuki (1977 recording)

Instrumental versions of "Theme From Lupin III"

Composed and arranged by Yuji Ohno for all versions except the 1996 version, which is arranged by Takayushi Negishi.

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