"With a Gun in My Hand" is the fourth episode of the Blue Jacket series. It first aired in Italy on August 30, 2015, and later in Japan on October 22, 2015.


Jigen stops at a local hospital to get painkillers for his toothache and unintentionally provokes the local mafia. They have a monopoly on arms in the town and take Jigen's gun. With the help of an old patient named Nino and a doctor named Livia, Jigen is determined to get his gun back from "Non-Lethal" Eric, the sadistic gang boss who wants to teach Jigen a lesson.


Livia (Voice: Sayaka Ohara)

The local doctor who operates on Eric's victims.

"Non-Lethal" Eric Orujani (Voice: Yōhei Tadano)

Crime boss and sadist who likes to injure his victims to the point of putting them in a permanently comatose state without killing them.

Nino (Voice: ?)

A hospitalized old man who offers Jigen some of his painkillers.


  • Screenplay: Tomohiro Suzuki
  • Storyboard: Kazuhide Tomonaga
  • Production: Hisaya Takabayashi
  • Animation Direction: Toshihiko Masuda, Yumiko Shirai, Hiroaki Noguchi
  • Chief Animation Director: Hisao Yokobori


新TVシリーズ 「ルパン三世」 第4話予告

新TVシリーズ 「ルパン三世」 第4話予告

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